Autumn planning for my wild flower bank

It’s September now and I have been growing Foxgloves, Oxeye daisies and poppies to plant into this part of the garden.

I have killed off patches of rye grass to make way for my new wild flower plants, and will strim the long grass bank and score the ground before planting

I also have a lot of baby Holly hocks and a buddleia plant (purple), and there’s loads of yellow Jerusalem artichoke in the herbaceous border.

I plan to plant the Holly hocks against the top fence and transfer some of the yellow flowers along the lane side fence.

…… Photoshop…..

September 18th

I have strimmed the grass very short and scarified the ground.

The Hollyhocks are in at the top, against the wall with a Buddleia to the left of them by the fence.

Four patches of Oxeye daisies, a few poppy plants and a Verbena so far.

So far so good!

I’m going to sow wild flower seeds in October, with generous proportion of Yellow Rattle to discourage the grass, and then I will sit back and wait and see what comes up next year!

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