Staircases – to paint or strip?

The house has two double staircases – each leading to two bedrooms and a small bathroom.


The double staircase leading up from the sitting room had been painted a horrible brown varnish, so loved in the 1980’s when this barn was converted.

I stripped back the brown paint from the newel posts and skirting boards and painted the spindles white. It has made such a difference!

The open hallway – the gaps in the ceiling are where the dividing walls used to be.


The double staircase leading up from the dining room was painted white.

The staircase splits with the right hand leading up and across the dining room with very ugly boxing to cover the treads underneath.

The left hand stairs crosses through to the kitchen where there was a large larder – not a useful space under the stairs.

We had the kitchen larder walls removed, plus all the filling-in around the stairs this side, transforming the space and ambience of the kitchen!

On the dining room side of the staircase Jordan removed the ugly boxing, exposing the stair treads underneath….

I am so happy with this unveiling – it’s a bit quirky and we’ll have to pretty up the revealed treads however Jordan has plans to finish the undersides with battons of pine to replace the squeakers and beading to hide nails…

We plan to sand and oil the stair treads rather than carpet – will post more images…

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