Wild flower bank

There is a small bank in front of the house that slopes down to the fence – and it’s a real pain to mow!

The wild flowers in our lane are so plentiful and beautiful, I am going to plant a wild flower patch on the bank. It is in full sun and view of the kitchen window and, once established with wild flowers, will be wonderful to look at and attract the bees and butterflies – plus I can let it grow through the summer, only having to strim it back later in the year. Seems like a win-win decision!

There are already buttercups and clover in flower, and a few Queen Anne’s Lace coming through and I will leave to to grow for the rest of the summer.

I went to the Ludlow Country Market this morning and bought eight small wild flower plants:

I have planted these established plants at random along the bank and they are looking very happy. They should self seed and spread. I need only to cut the grass and scarify the ground in late summer and autumn, to spread the seeds and give them soft soil to embed in.

Yellow Rattle will be a good addition as, over time, it will deter the grass, and make way for new flowering plants.

Autumn is the time to sow wild flower seeds to flower the following year and, by then, I will have a stash to sow, no doubt.

My wild flower garden begins…

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