The littlest bedroom

March 27th

The first room we started to decorate and update is the smallest bedroom. Overwhelmed by two built in wardrobes – Nina and I had fun tearing one of them down!

There was a lot of wood! Removing one wardrobe added so much space and light to the room and revealed the beautiful, old oak beams and struts.

Choosing the paint for the walls

I wasn’t sure which type of paint had been previously applied to the walls. However, a good tip to find out whether paint is water or oil based, is to rub it with a cotton wool ball soaked with rubbing alcohol. The paint on these walls rubbed off indicating water based paint.

This is a good blog post about choosing the right paint for the job: How to buy the right paint for the job

We finally settled on Rock Salt vinyl matt – and very bright, cool white, ideal for south facing rooms. As all our rooms face south, this really does shine! The very light grey blends well with the wood beams too.

I found the Dulux Visualizer app useful with suggestions for colour combinations for soft furnishings and carpets.


Carpets for the bedroom definitely – following the recommended colour combinations, I think a warmer peachy/ochre colours will warm the white walls. A slight fleck in these samples adds interest and will deflect inevitable dirt marks 🙂 – so far Harvest and Wheat are top of the list.

Walls painted, white skirting boards, awaiting carpets – and the pine cupboard doors will be replaced…

June 2021

The pine sliding doors to the built-in cupboard were cheap and not so cheerful. I took them out, turned them round, painted them white and put them back – perfect!

First bedroom finished!

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