Moving to the country!

March 12th 2021

We have moved to beautiful Shropshire where our pretty home is an old barn with the most wonderful views of Clee Hill, a local landmark.

There is much to do over the next few months and I am planning to log the changes we make to the house.

The conversion was made in the 1990’s so, needless to say, there is some updating to do – starting with the roof, bathrooms, flooring, paintwork, kitchen – happy days decorating!

There are lots of exposed beams and struts, and some quirky features – like the two staircases, each leading to two bedrooms and a bathroom

I am also looking forward to seeing the garden awake as the year progresses and to discover what is planted in the small border and around the two little ponds, and beyond.

Herbaceous plants are peeking through – Day lilies, geranium…..

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