Snow Moon Crystal cleansing

The February Full Moon is known as the Snow Moon – a name given to it by Native North Americans. It is also known as the Eagle Moon, Bear Moon, Storm Moon, Hunger Moon or the Bony Moon. These names relate to the inclement weather at this time of year.

This year’s Snow Moon peaked at 8.17am GMT on Saturday 27th February.

The Full Moon will cleanse, retune and regenerate your crystals to their full power. The cleansing power of the Full Moon is strongest for 3 days – the day before, the day of the Full Moon and the day after.

First wash and dry your crystals and then place them outside on the earth, at dusk, to be bathed in moonlight. You can arrange them on a plate or board, however I like my crystals to touch the earth from whence they came.

Bring your crystals in during the day as the sun can fade some crystals.

You do not have to cleanse your crystals every month – do so when you feel they need it.

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