New life for an old chest of drawers

In my haste to declutter the house, before the pending move to Shropshire, I got rid of a tired bedside table and hence needed a replacement.

I found this old chest of drawers on Facebook Market – a favourite shop especially when we are in lock down and cannot visit the local charity shops! It needs a little TLC, however it is well made, a good, traditional design and will be perfect next to my bed.

Materials and equipment

  • Paint stripper – I like to use Bartoline TX10. It’s kinder to hands and very gloopy, so doesn’t dry too quickly
  • Paint scraper
  • Soft brush
  • Sand paper, medium
  • Electric sander, medium and fine sandpaper
  • Bucket of warm water and 1-2 cloths
  • Rubber gloves

I removed the old polish and orange varnish with the gloopy paint remover. It took only half an hour to work…

…scraping off the majority of the paint remover was messy! Then a final brush and wipe with warm soapy water.

Once dry, I sanded the surfaces smooth and rounded the edges of the drawers and cabinet to soften sharp corners.

I finished the surface with a light coat of Osmo oil – a fantastic, natural looking, waterproof finish. I like to rub the oil on with a rag to get a really thin coat and then add an extra coat to the top for extra protection against tea cup stains.

I’m so pleased with my bargain! All full of clothes and in its new bedroom…

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