Handmade Homemade Soap!

Chemistry in the kitchen

I have been making my own soap for over 15 years. I used to sell at craft fairs when the kids were young – it was a great success at school fairs, as a popular money raiser, and especially at Christmas! I have also taught soaping workshops and now I just make soap for family and friends.

I still have all my notes and handouts from the soaping workshops – so, with time on my hands during the current lock down, I have put them to work again in an online Soap Making Workshop.

Chemistry in the kitchen!

SAPONIFICATION is the chemical reaction that transforms a combination of oils and fat and Lye into soap.

You don’t need a lot of new equipment – most of it is already in your kitchen. The ingredients can be bought in the supermarket and hardware store or a specialist soap ingredient supplier.

Safety is important when working with a strong alkali – in this case Sodium Hydroxide, caustic soda.

However, please don’t be put off by this – you can easily, and safely, make wonderfully mild soap – providing you follow the safety guidelines, and the recipe, to the letter.

Soap recipe
  • 12 oz (340g) coconut oil
  • 12oz (340g) olive oil (Pomace)
  • 19oz (540g) palm oil
  • 6oz (170g) sodium hydroxide
  • 16oz (450ml) water
  • Colourants e.g. cocoa, turmeric – approximately 1 tsp
  • 30ml or 1oz essential oils 
  • What is soap?
  • Soap making safety
  • The properties of oils and fats
  • Essential oils to fragrance soap
  • Colourants – natural herbs and spices to colour you soap
  • Step-by-step videos to make a batch of soap
  • How to design your own soap recipes with the help of a Lye Calculator
  • How to use a Lye calculator
  • Labelling and packaging.
  • Downloadable information and work sheets

If you would like to find out more about how to make soap and join me on the workshop, please follow the link on the image:

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