How to make felt

Felt is the oldest manmade fabric and has a long and colourful history that dates as far back as 3600 BC.

This is one of my favourite videos that shows how felt yurts are still made in Mongolia.

I started working with felt about eighteen years ago. It is a fabulously versatile fabric and there are endless ways of creating it and products to make from it.

Felt is an unwoven fabric made from matted wool fibres – the most common fibres from sheep, alpaca, goats and camel.

…and it’s all down to the structure of the wool fibres, that have microscopic scales along their surface – unlike silk, cotton and polyester that are smooth.

When water, soap, heat and rubbing are applied to the fibres the scales open up and mat together.

The basic process is simple and easy for all ages.

Materials and equipment are inexpensive and all you need is some elbow grease!

Merino wool tops, a water bottle, small bamboo mat, bubble wrap and plastic sheet to fit the mat, bar of soap

I’ve put together a Beginners Felt Making Workshop that has information about felt, wool fibres, materials and equipment, and a detailed step-by-step video of how to make your first piece of felt – plus downloadable instructions. An afternoon of fun for all ages!


To find out more about the course, follow this link:

Best wishes

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